#Paris is about Life

I can’t do a “regular” post today. I am heartsick over the violence in Paris, all those innocent people killed by monsters. I’ll return to my ordinary, everyday posts soon. But today, I have to share a beautiful tweet I saw.

The hashtag is #Parisisaboutlife. I retweeted it here.

hashtag paris is about life.... beautiful cartoon

In case it’s hard to read, the simple cartoon says, “Friends from the whole world, thank you for #Pray for Paris, but we don’t need more religion! Our faith goes to music! Kisses! Life! Champagne and Joy! #Paris is about life”.

Paris is about life.

We don’t need more religion. We need more compassion, more love, more jobs, more education, more respect for each other and all life.

If you’re so inclined, go share your thoughts on Twitter. Tell Parisians we care, even if we don’t know how to fix it.

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