Recycle Reuse Repurpose – Vintage DIY for the Home

You know I love vintage, and the idea of recycling and reusing things that we think of as “throwaways”. And if that idea helps me add personal style to my home – and storage – and organization! – well I am definitely interested.

Case in point – you know all those old dressers advertised free on Craigslist? Or at the garage sale for $5.00? Do NOT overlook these – they have potential!

Repurposed Chest of Drawers - with no drawers
Repurposed Chest of Drawers – with no drawers

Now, in this pic they’re using the repurposed chest of drawers to hold knickknacks and decorative stuff. I’d turn it into a bookcase or to hold bins and boxes in a craft room. But still, you get the idea. It’s totally useable – and cute – and probably cost next to nothing.

And! If you have just one or two of the drawers, why you can re-purpose those too. Lots of ideas out there – here’s one I thought would be super useful:

Repurposed Dresser Drawer to make new storage unit

Bathroom storage! Or, well, wherever you need it. Notice they didn’t remove the old drawer pulls – which I think is charming. And also – the dowel added as a towel rack. Like I said – useful 🙂

These ideas are not original with me – I am mining Pinterest for tons of wonderful ideas. The link goes to my Pinterest page – a window into the wonderful, useful, fun world of Pinterest ideas. Love it!

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