Refashioned and Recycled: Shirt into Apron

Okay, this is one of the reasons I love Etsy. Well, besides the fact that I sell stuff there. Because I can find original, practical, affordable, and way cool gifts like this one.

Refashioned Shirt Into Apron

This used to be a guy’s shirt. Now it’s an apron. This has so much going for it: the dark blue plaid means it’s not going to show every stain it gets. It’s washable. It’s practical if you cook. Wouldn’t you rather wear this refashioned, fun, useful apron while you’re cooking, and not get olive oil on your best jeans or dress-you-wore-to-work? And, major plus, it’s CUTE.

And it’s refashioned: a double-bonus major plus. Judy, the owner of the wonderful Sew It Was shop on Etsy, has made it the focus of her shop: she takes old garments and gives them new life. New FUN life. New useful life.

Also, if I might point out, super affordable life. These are all pluses I wanted to mention.

But most of all, I like this garment – and I could use it – and I bet you know a couple other people who would love it!

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