Spring Fashion – Vintage of course!

So it’s all snowy and cold here and I’m tucked inside like I should be, all warm and cozy. Of course my thoughts strayed to Spring – gardening, and sunshine, and (you knew it) spring dresses. I took a little break and went on over to Etsy for my “mini spring vacation” and look what I found!

vintage floral plus size dress


Spring fashion 2013 - vintage floral plus size dress

Aren’t those adorable dresses? They’re available at Thread Over Heels at Etsy. Not only are they cute, they are also super affordable!

And this may come out wrong, but I was so glad to see such cute dresses in larger sizes – it’s a lot easier to find Size 2 dresses in vintage, probably because so few people are that skinny. So – a shop with cute, affordable clothes for women of ALL sizes – this is a great find!

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