Weight Watchers – and letting girls down.

I am probably blowing this all out of proportion but I just feel like it needs to be said. Every time I see the latest Weight Watchers commercial it makes me mad enough to spit.

First part of the commercial is set decades ago, 1960s I assume. It shows a young girl telling somebody about how people are going to live on the moon, and do all kinds of great things. “You can do anything,” says the commercial. Yay! That’s a great message to share.

Second half of the commercial is present day. And the voiceover says yes, you really can do whatever you dream. Why, using Weight Watchers, you really can lose weight!


They are comparing the dream of going to the moon and doing great things – to LOSING WEIGHT? What kind of message are we sending to little girls – or big girls – today? That losing weight and looking good, is the really Big Dream?

Yes, being healthy and fit is important. But so are dreams, and living in a better world, and looking to the future. Somehow I don’t think they’re talking about any of that.

Sorry. It really makes me mad. If I misinterpreted it, I’ll apologize. But if I didn’t, maybe somebody owes US an apology.

P.S. Later that night… I really hope I got it wrong. Will post again when I see the commercial next time. Weight Watchers is a good organization and they help a lot of people. I’ll get back to you!