Scott Carpenter – Godspeed to you, too

Scott Carpenter died today. If you weren’t a space freak like me you might not remember the name. But a lot of us do. He was one of the Mercury Seven. Good looking, brash, hey he was a test pilot and probably a prima donna. Married four times. I bet he was a handful.

Scott Carpenter

Wish I’d known him. He was one of my heroes.

Chris Hadfield’s music video from space

Because Chris Hadfield’s too cool for words. And he’s the first one (that I know of, that is) who is actually talking about what it’s like when you first get back to Earth, after months in space. About how heavy your teeth and tongue feel and you have to re-learn how to talk in this heavy gravity stuff. About wearing a pressure suit under your clothes for a while because your body has to re-learn how to function in, you got it, this heavy gravity stuff. About how it usually takes about 3 weeks before a returning astronaut can drive a car, because – yeah, you got the idea.

And besides, a music video from space? Is pretty great too. Here’s Chris (linked on my Pinterest page):

Chris Hadfield and guitar - on the ISS

Like I said: too cool. The man’s got chops!