Upcycled boho dress – eco friendly chic clothing

This is not only a terrific dress, it’s the very best kind:

upcycled boho dress from Lillie Nora Dry Goods...lillienoradrygoods...on etsy

So why do I say “the best kind”?

1. It’s cute.
2. It’s upcycled, which is always of the good.
3. It’s year round wearable – how fun and flattering in the springtime, just like she’s wearing it in the pic? And for fall and winter, add leggings. Maybe a cami underneath, for body-hugging warmth.
4. It’s affordable.
5. And did I mention, it’s cute?

Because it’s got to look great or you’re not going to wear it. But it does. So – like I said, the best!

PS It’s available at Lillie Nora Dry Goods on Etsy, one of my favorite Etsy shops – where Barb, the artist / designer, has many adorable upcycled garments. This girl is *good*!

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