Vintage black and white halter dress

I was going to title this post “Vintage Black and White Summer Dress” and then I thought about it. Yes, this is a great dress for summer. But actually? Add a black jacket or cardigan and you could wear this gorgeous dress year round.

vintage black and white halter dress

Take a look at the other pics in the listing – you can see the detailing, and it’s pretty cool. It’s probably fairly adjustable, would be forgiving of a little weight gain or loss, and it’s a super flattering line. And come on: sexy halter, shoulders, flirty skirt, and black and white…. this is a foxy dress!

I found it at Sammy’s Chifforobe on Etsy, and Sammy, the owner/curator, has got a great eye. She gives you good pics, lots of detail, and the prices? In a word – amazing.

Go shopping! You’ll love the store, you’ll find great deals, and to top it all off, Sammy’s using her savvy and sense of style to help pay for grad school. We need more women in grad school, getting educated, getting out in the biz world! This is what we call a “win/win”!

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