Vintage Caressa Blue Pumps

You were wondering why I love vintage? (Actually you probably weren’t, because you already know how wonderful vintage is). Well these gorgeous pumps give you one fabulous reason.

vintage electric blue leather pumps by Caressa

Now that is a pair of shoes you can be proud to wear. They’re Caressa – I’ve worn that brand – I’ve paid FULL PRICE for that brand! And here they are, in great shape, wearable, beautiful, feminine, and unique. This is why we love vintage: Because we are special and unusual and our stuff should be too. Isn’t that simple?

I found these lovelies at Rocky Mountain Retro , a vintage boutique on Etsy. Lin, the shop owner, has a great eye – and she’s smart enough to give clear pics, including potential issues, so you have the accurate info you need to buy online. It doesn’t hurt that her prices are attractive, too!

Seriously. Electric blue leather pumps that look like these – for $28.00 plus shipping? I’m in love. Not to mention some killer black riding boots, a fringed poncho you will adore, and some truly outrageous sweaters 🙂

Go shopping. You will thank me 🙂

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