Vintage Fashion – Fabulous Finds

I couldn’t resist – I got sidetracked when I found these wonderful vintage finds. THIS is why I love vintage fashion!

white linen vintage shirt

Now that is just a classic. White linen, it’ll look good forever (and you can bleach it, gently!) Belt it, wear it loose, wear it over a bathing suit or with black velvet. Totally a classic.

And these!

Vintage Purple Ballet Flat Shoes

I mean, talk about fun shoes – purple, and suede, and ballet flats? Love them. Comfy and adorable.

These are from one of my favorite vintage shops on Etsy, Look Again Vintage. Even if these goodies are gone when you read this (and yeah, somebody will grab them) there are always great finds over there.

So cool. So fun. And did I mention affordable? I do love vintage!

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