Black Diamond Glass Beads and Jewels

Don’t get me wrong, I love color. Vibrant, rich, happy color can totally brighten your day. But sometimes, you want a neutral. It goes with practically everything. It quietly announces This is Classy. Neutral gemstones or glass gems or beads are the Angela Bassett or Lauren Bacall of jewelry – they always look good, they’re always in style, and they’re always a Class Act.

I haven’t got Angela Bassett or Lauren Bacall to show you but I do have some lovely “black diamond” glass gems in my shop right now:

Black Diamond Rhinestone Glass Jewels in my Etsy shop

And by the way, wasn’t it smart marketing, when somebody came up with THAT name for this neutral gray stone?
Thee are available in my Etsy jewelry supplies shop of course – and these are only examples. I’ve got more 🙂

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