Vintage green silk dress

Let me put it this way – this dress is a fine example of why vintage is so wonderful. I don’t even have to talk a lot: let’s take a look.

vintage green silk dress

Such a simple dress. And what that means is, you can wear is so many ways. In summer, absolutely! A pair of flipflops or heels. A fab pair of boho earrings. In fall or winter (like, right now) – toss on a bright red cardigan. Dark green, or red, or black, high heeled Jimmy Choos (or if you’re like me, hunt down some fabulous thrifted heels).

I wouldn’t wear the classic pearl necklace, myself – I’d toss on a long tribal thing, or a multicolor vintage Haskell (Haskell *style*, which I would fake, and it would be great) – or maybe floral tattoos covering my arms (fake, or temporary, but oh well) and just add earrings.

You see what I mean? You can wear this dress anywhere, day or night, and it will look good. Belt it or don’t. High heels or flats. And by the way – they don’t usually tell you this, but silk is uber washable.

I found this treasure at Sydneys Vintage on Etsy. Not only does Syd, the curator/owner, have some GREAT party finds, she also has a coupon code for 20% off!

And this dress – this simple, classic, easy to wear (anywhere) dress – even before using the coupon – is $27.00. Yes. Twenty Seven Dollars plus shipping. Go grab it. Or go shopping for other fab finds. Do it. You’ll thank me.

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