Vintage Orange Cardigan Sweater

Now this is what I call a great year-round find. I’m pretty much looking for spring and summer stuff right now, naturally, and this totally caught my eye. Did I mention Audrey Hepburn lately?

vintage orange cardigan sweater from fairseason vintage shop on Etsy

So yes, it made me think of Audrey. With ballet flats maybe. And this cardigan and gray cami top, and a white circle skirt? Yes. Ballet flats. Maybe a little pearl choker, maybe not.

See how vintage clothing can be inspiring? I saw this color and loved it. Then my imagination kind of took over.

This is available from Fairseason on Etsy and if it happens to be gone when you go look, believe me there are lots of other goodies you’re going to want to see. Did I mention the bodycon denim cami dress for (wait for it) $27.00?

Yes, you really need to go look. This shop is a find!

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