Vintage shop. Vintage fashion. And Wow.

I am in love. I was wandering through Etsy, looking at vintage goodies, so I could start the new year finding some wonderful vintage. And I have done that.

vintage gray sweater dress from DinaLouiseSF

Now, first, that’s a great dress. It could go from day to night, work to party, and it’s a flattering color and style. Also warm, which right now? Major plus. And are you ready for this? $52.00. For a dress that will take you anywhere.

But there is More. Yes, this is a fabulously great dress and I would be proud to own it. But the even better-ness? Is the SHOP. I found this treasure at Dina Louise on Etsy. Now seriously, you need to listen to me.

This woman has the Eye. She knows quality. She knows how to find it and stage it. And she tells you about the flaws! When I read her About page I understood why. She’s got creds. Including a writeup on Vogue’s Best Dressed List for vintage boutique back in her brick-and-mortar days.

She’s got a great shop. You need to visit and bookmark it, and then return many times to find treasures. You will love me for telling you this.

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