Make jewelry with your school colors :-)

With school starting up, this is a great way to make some money at local craft shows. Make some earrings (or whatever floats your boat) in your team colors. I’m not suggesting infringing on any trademarks…. just that, if your son’s high school football team colors are blue and gold, well, it couldn’t hurt to offer some jewelry in those colors, when you’re selling at the local fundraiser.

jewelry designed with your school colors

No reason you can’t try a few ideas along those lines, yknow? No copyright infringement, please. Don’t claim that you’re offering official North Kansas City Hornets jewelry – you’re just selling earrings made with purple and gold. Other teams – say, the Dallas Cowboys – might get a little touchy if you say you’re selling their licensed jewelry – without the license. But selling earrings made in montana sapphire (navy blue) and white (crystal) – well those are just going to be pretty. And they certainly don’t need to be licensed.

You see what I mean. It be a great way for your neighbors to learn about your jewelry biz – and a cool way to raise money for the football team!

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