Refashioned upcycled fashion – so cute!

I just found the cutest top! Now if you ask me, this is fashion at its best. This top started out as an out of shape old too-big tee shirt. And now it’s cute and your teen might even wear it, unlike most of the stuff you try to pick out for her! (Or, who am I kidding, YOU will wear it!)

refashioned upcycled tee shirt top

Now this is not a radical fussy change. It’s just a great one. It’s probably not super difficult to do – I sew a lot, and I could probably figure it out. Maybe. The thing is, I don’t have to. You don’t have to 🙂

I found it at Twice Stitched on Etsy – and Vanessa, the designer/artist/shop owner has some of the most fun, original, interesting, adorable clothes! It’s just a (big) plus that they are also eco-friendly and upcycled. And did I mention? Major affordable!

You need to go shop there. You’ll thank me. The environment will thank you.

And you’ll look so good!

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