Setting glass stones – when they don’t fit (Part One)

This is just a handy little tip. When you’re setting glass stones in brass (or silver, or you-name-it) settings, very often they don’t quite fit. Especially vintage stones. (No, actually, it’s a crapshoot with any stones. Seems like there are always little discrepancies between what they ought to be, and what they Are.)

So if your jewel, your stone, is just a little too big, try this:

how to set stones when you need to enlarge your settings

It won’t work if your stone is way too big. But a millimeter or so (and that’s a LOT, with calibrated stones) – you can make it work.

I’ll do more pics soon – i.e., what if your stone is too *small*?

It can be done 🙂

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