Vintage Blue Ball Gown or Party Dress

I was looking for something totally different at the time, but I saw this beautiful gown – vintage of course – and just had to share.

vintage blue gown or party dress available at WTFVintage on Etsy

I love this dress – it’s festive, it’s flattering, it’s affordable – it offers a hint of decolletage without being too heavy handed – it’s just a wonderful dress! And that color is beyond gorgeous.

And the shop, WTF Vintage Womens on Etsy has lots of other goodies on offer.

You’ll love it – check it out!

PS Okay, I have to say it – Kate S., who runs this Etsy shop, lives across the pond. I bet she didn’t even know about WTF, that’s an American colloquialism. Now stop it. It’s a stunning dress and you will love her shop.

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