Vintage pink prom, party, bridesmaid dress!

I love that this dress feels very modern – but it’s vintage. It’s got such clean lines – and a fabulous color – and it’s not *ordinary*, you know?

vintage pink bridesmaid dress

And I love the staging! This is why good pics are important: the girl in this pic looks like she’s enjoying herself. She looks like she could be having fun, that she likes where she is, and who she is. That’s how she looks. That’s what I want a dress to do for me!

Plus it’s actually modest – for those times when you need that – but it doesn’t look stupid like most “modest” dresses do. She looks cool, and I don’t mean temperature. I like her – she’s got attitude. That’s not the dress talking – but it’s all part of the package. And it WORKS.

You’ll find this great dress at Vintage Life and Design and even if this fab dress is gone when you visit, you will be glad you’re there. Shelly, the owner, has such great finds you are going to be doing some Real Shopping.

Gunne Sax. A vintage white wedding purse. Cheetah print shoes – yes, I mean it. You will thank me!

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