Bright Red Pear Jewels in Two Sizes

Beautiful glass jewels in vivid red – in two sizes, so easy peasy you’ve got gorgeous earring jewels and a pendant!

I know, sometimes you want to fuss and create intricate custom designs. But sometimes you want DIY jewelry that’s simple and affordable. And these lovely teardrop gems fit that need, right now. Like I said, easy and gorgeous!

DIY Earring Design Idea – flowers and crystals!

I just wanted to share this pretty earring design idea – it’s easy, and the pretty brass flower links take it to a new level of design.

Play with your favorite colors and shapes – this design idea would work with so many different charms and stones. Do it yourself – make pretty jewelry, and save money too. Yes, this is a win!

Red and White Earrings – new view on a model!

Okay, not a model – a mannequin. But she’s close to life size, so this gives you a good idea of the scale of these vintage glass stones, and how they actually look *as earrings*. (Yes both stones are vintage – the red 10x8mm ovals are from the 1960s, and the white 18x12mm teardrops were made in post-war Japan.)

I’ve said it before – and had several customers say it to me – why we love vintage so much. For one thing these are very pretty glass stones! And the (other) best part – there’s no additional carbon footprint. These are already made. Good for the planet – and great for DIY jewelry!

Amethyst Vintage Glass Stones – BOGO sale!

These are some of my favorite glass jewels – sheer amethyst purple 12mm x 10mm ovals. The color is great, and you know I love vintage stones. No extra carbon footprint that hurts our planet! But I’m selfish too – these are just beautiful.

At 12x10mm (approx. 1/2″ x 3/8″) they are great for an oval pendant – and earring components. And from today through midnight on Monday, March 12, 2023, when you buy one pair of these vintage jewels, you can get a second pair free! (Or send me a note and request another pair of gems, equal or lesser value. I’ll dicker!)

Beautiful vintage gems. A great component for jewelry gifts or for sale. You’ll love them!

Crystal Clear Glass Stones for DIY Jewelry Designs

Crystal clear jewels are always in style. That’s the important basic! They look great year-round, any time of day. Wear them to work for just a bit of sparkle. Wear them for your wedding for more sparkle – that doesn’t have to compete with your gown. Sparkling crystal clear glass jewels always look good!

I have many more shapes and sizes of sparkling crystal gems in my shop right now. Whether you want to make a fabulous pendant, or some tiny earrings, or anywhere in between – crystal shines! Make exactly what you want, for gifts, for customers, for prom, for your wedding. You’ll love them!

P.S. Just a reminder that crystal (okay, diamond) is the birthstone for April. Gorgeous faceted clear crystal glass stones are a lot more affordable than diamond, and seriously the glass jewels are sparkling and fabulous. Just saying!

Customize these multi stone settings for earrings and pendants

I’m featuring a pic of these black diamond and crystal earrings today to show that even fairly small, neutral glass stones can have real design impact! These multi-stone settings have 10x8mm octagons and 4mm round stones.

And these can be customized all kinds of ways! The jewels I show here are neutral – black diamond, or gray – combined with sparkling crystal. I do have many colors available in my shop that fit these settings – making it easy to use your favorite colors, or the colors that match your bridesmaid dresses, or any kind of customization you choose.

The mannequin I use is close to “life size”, so the pic gives a pretty good idea of the size of these earrings. Imagine making them in your fave colors, or your mom’s, or your customer’s. You get the idea!

Red and White Vintage Glass Stones for DIY Jewelry Designs

Red and white is a terrific color combination – crisp and clean and the colors really pop! And these stones make wonderful elements for do it yourself earrings.

These opaque glass gems are vintage – the white teardrops were made in postwar Japan. The cherry red oval stones are from the 1960s. It’s always great to use vintage components when you can find them. They’re beautiful, they’re unusual, and they create no extra carbon footprint being manufactured. This is a win!

Emerald green glass stones – and a BOGO sale!

emerald green glass stones

Find these emerald green vintage glass teardrops, and emerald 8x8mm diamond shape (or diagonal square) glass gems here:
my Weekendjewelry1 jewelry supplies shop on Etsy

And just for fun, I’m having a aecret BOGO sale – buy one, get one free! Make any purchase in my shop, small or large, and you can get a free pair of jewels, or pendant, for free! Just mention this blog post when you order – and let me know what freebie you want. Offer good through midnight on Monday, February 20, 2023. Happy hunting!

Clear Glass Beads and Gems

This time I wanted to focus on clear glass jewels. Totally clear, transparent – not the “crystal clear” that has a foil backing (yes those are lovely, but not this post!) No, I mean faceted, transparent glass. There are obvious advantages – clear glass beads go with everything. But more important, even clear glass earrings can have sparkle! Case in point:

And no, I didn’t artificially add sparkle and contrast to the pics. My lighting was the usual (for me) – a fairly bright overcast day, filtered through translucent plastic at one window. Hey, it (mostly) works. And the clear glass will sparkle sometimes, sometimes not. Just like all faceted glass gems 🙂

The great thing about clear glass gems: yes they go with everything. Which makes it smart to use them when making DIY jewelry. Whether you make and sell jewelry, or make jewelry for yourself and for gifts: you know that clear glass will work!

P.S. Clear glass is also great for bridal jewelry if you don’t want loud flash, or to compete with your gown. Something to keep in mind!

DIY earring design idea – aqua and purple!

Another example of earrings that look use aqua blue round glass jewels as a design element. Aqua is the birthstone color for March, so it’s kind of an appropriate time to show a few design ideas. But honestly, aqua is always a good idea!

These earrings pair the aqua round gems with sheer amethyst purple teardrops. The earrings have real color and style, but they’re not “in your face”. Sometimes you want pretty jewelry that doesn’t shout real loud, yknow?

And of course you could use this same style idea with your own gems and colors – make your own creative design! That’s what do it yourself jewelry is all about. Your own style. Well, that and saving money and having just exactly what you want!