Bronze Open Work Large Leaf Charms

These are big, lightweight leaf charms – great to use “as is”, or to combine with other elements to make stunning earrings or pendants. These are not Serious. These are fun!

bronze leaf charms for earrings or pendants

Click on the pic to see the listing – and to see a few variations in ideas for using these charms. Just remember, it doesn’t have to be complicated – “as is” is good too!

Amethyst glass jewels – on sale!

Amethyst glass gems are a customer favorite. Amethyst is the February birthstone – but these glass gems are truly year-round customer favorites. And right now, they’re on sale in my shop!

amethyst glass beads and jewels in my shop

Click on the pic to see the jewels I have available – and on sale! From today through midnight on Wednesday, June 23, you get one pair free for every pair you buy! Just mention this add and tell me you’d like a freebie (and you can dicker about which pair, too – equal or lesser value but that’s the only catch).

On sale – and gorgeous – amethyst glass jewels!

Clear Heart Earrings

It’s possible you might think that clear – I mean, totally transparent – earrings will have no pizzazz or presence. Let me argue with that idea!

These vintage glass hearts are nicely faceted, and when you combine faceting with the metal prong settings, you get jewels that will be noticed!

Pretty, romantic heart earrings (great gifts for her, if any of your guy friends are looking!) And you don’t have to spend a lot, or work hard, to make them. Add earwires and you’re good to go!

Red White and Blue Earrings – DIY Version 2

Just a quick example of another design featuring red, white, and blue glass jewels and beads. These beads might be in your stash right now – add the navy blue (sapphire) glass teardrops, hand-wire them to the beads (or create your own style) – and here you go, another terrific pair of July Fourth earrings !

You see what I mean? Grab a few glass elements, play with design and style, and make these earrings your own!

DIY red white and blue earrings for the Fourth of July!

Okay, I’ll say right up front that of course these earrings would look great year-round. But I was playing with faceted stones on my worktable, just trying new ideas, and these really would be perfect for the Fourth of July!

This easy DIY earring design is the result – find the right stones, add jump rings, and you’re good to go!

Make the design your own! Change sizes and shapes, and even colors – really the thing to remember is that it’s always a great time to try new ideas…

Aqua and emerald glass necklace design

This is a classic necklace design – made new with fresh elements! I’ve paired opaque aqua glass rondelles with a beautifully faceted emerald glass octagon pendant.

You don’t have to make a complex, fussy design to have gorgeous jewelry! You need great elements, basic skills, and an eye for good design. And you know you can personalize this idea with your own favorites – or the colors your customer requests. This is a win!

P.S. Find the emerald glass pendant here!

White glass jewels with crystal – DIY jewelry for summer sparkle!

These opaque white glass teardrops are vintage from the 1950s according to the packaging. I’ve paired them with faceted crystal diamond-shape jewels – don’t they look great together? (I thought I posted this a while back and now I can’t find it!)

They’re wonderful for bridal jewelry of course – but right now they just seemed so fresh and summery!.

Easy to use – just use a jump ring to link the two design elements. Add earwires. You’re good to go – easy, affordable DIY summer jewelry!

Multi Stone Glass Drops for Earrings

This post is really just to give you an idea of how big my two-jewel earring drops are in “real life”. I have several colors of this style available, and custom colors are always possible. The only thing you need to add is earwires!

But sometimes it can be hard to tell, from an online pic, just what size the jewels are. So here they are, on a mannequin bust. It’s not exactly life size – but really close! And it shows how these jewels look as earrings.

black diamond glass jewels for DIY jewelry

Click on the pic and you’ll see the color combinations I have in my shop right now – and remember, you can always ask for custom colors!

Black Diamond Glass Gems – on sale!

The glass gems called “black diamond” are grey glass jewels – in colors ranging from light gray to deep charcoal. They’re neutral, strong, and great to use for year round DIY jewelry.

black diamond glass jewels for DIY jewelry

I just got in some new black diamond glass gems – the 10x10mm (3/8″) diamond shapes shown above. And to celebrate, I’m offering all my black diamond gems on sale.

So from today through midnight on Sunday, May 16, 2021, you get a free pair of black diamond glass jewels with every pair you buy. Buy any pair – and let me know what shape you want for your freebie!

Earring design idea – red glass pears and brass flowers

Check out the combination of golden brass flower charms and opaque, red glass cabochon jewels. Linked together (the flowers have links, more easily seen from the back) – here’s an easy, pretty pair of earrings!

red glass pears and brass flowers linked for pretty earring design idea

Change the jewel color or style – you’ll love these made with your own individual style!