Deal of the Day – December 10, 2016

You know that the Pantone Color of the Year for 2017 is Greenery, right? Now honestly, I have to say I kind of get a laugh out of the Color of the Year thing. So far I’ve heard “Greenery” also called avocado green (remember the appliances of the 70s?), and a few other color names that I won’t repeat here. My point is, “olive green”, “olivine”, “avocado”, and some other color names I can’t remember right now, all refer to a slightly tangy, plant-like green. Pantone just has a Marketing Name for it.

But hey, I’ll go with it. “Greenery” is my Deal of the Day” code word today. Mention “Greenery” after you order – in the Notes to Seller – and you’ll receive a FREE pair of green OVAL glass jewels, you choose the exact pair, sent with your order.

green oval glass beads in my Etsy shop.... these are vintage glass, vivid emerald green

Such a deal 🙂

Deal of the Day – December 8, 2016

Think pink – and that’s your Deal of the Day special code: pink. I know, it’s not a “Christmas color”, but think about it. It’s feminine, it’s pretty, it looks good all year round, and it’s flattering to every skin tone. Pink. It works 🙂

pink glass rhinestone beads

So – the Deal of the Day – if you mention Pink in the “notes to seller” after you order from my online jewelry supplies shop, you get a free pink pair of 10mm rivoli jewels!

And you can dicker if you really do prefer a different color.


Remembering Pearl Harbor

December 7, 1941, “A day that will life in infamy”. There are many dark days in U.S. history – this is a day that we will remember for the sacrifice of American lives, and the determination we displayed as a nation after this terrible attack.

I am saluting all the vets of World War II today – those we lost at Pearl Harbor, and those who went on to fight and win. Thank you for your service. Thank you for caring and for giving. Thank you for being such good guys (and women).

It sounds simple but I don’t want to grandstand. We may argue with the brass (and we should) – but our troops in every service are the finest in the world. They deserve and should receive all the appreciation and thanks we can give them.

Deal of the Day – December 6, 2016

Deal of the Day for December 6, 2016 –

Order three pairs of these pretty teardrop beads (in crystal as shown, or any of the 26mm x 13mm two-jewel teardrops in my Etsy shop) – and when you order, mention WEDDINGS in a note to seller. You’ll get a fourth pair, free 🙂

crystal framed glass pendant jewels in silver or brass settings

One day only – such a deal!

P.S. You can order more than three pairs if you want 😉

Vintage Caressa Blue Pumps

You were wondering why I love vintage? (Actually you probably weren’t, because you already know how wonderful vintage is). Well these gorgeous pumps give you one fabulous reason.

vintage electric blue leather pumps by Caressa

Now that is a pair of shoes you can be proud to wear. They’re Caressa – I’ve worn that brand – I’ve paid FULL PRICE for that brand! And here they are, in great shape, wearable, beautiful, feminine, and unique. This is why we love vintage: Because we are special and unusual and our stuff should be too. Isn’t that simple?

I found these lovelies at Rocky Mountain Retro , a vintage boutique on Etsy. Lin, the shop owner, has a great eye – and she’s smart enough to give clear pics, including potential issues, so you have the accurate info you need to buy online. It doesn’t hurt that her prices are attractive, too!

Seriously. Electric blue leather pumps that look like these – for $28.00 plus shipping? I’m in love. Not to mention some killer black riding boots, a fringed poncho you will adore, and some truly outrageous sweaters 🙂

Go shopping. You will thank me 🙂

Deal of the Day – December 5, 2016

And the word is TEARDROP. Just for fun, I paired two different sizes of pear or teardrop-shaped framed glass beads. Add a jump ring linking the two sizes, and you’ve got a fab pair of earrings.

sapphire blue and light colorado topaz framed glass pear or teardrop beads

So for today – mention Teardrop *when you order*, and you get a pair of 14x10mm teardrops for free! Choose a color from my online shop 🙂 Offer is good for one day only, so now is the time!

Deal of the Day – December 3, 2016

And today’s super special, fun Deal of the Day is: rivoli. Mention “rivoli” in the Notes to Seller when you order from my Etsy shop (yes, you have to place an order first) – and get a free pair of 10mm, round, rivoli faceted jewels in the color you choose!

Rivoli-style faceting is when the faceted angles come to a gentle point on top of the jewel, rather than a flat “table” (as in ‘table tin cut’). Rivolis like these:

red rivoli faceted 10mm round beads

Choose any color onsite. Use the stones as earring drops, connector linnks, or pretty little pendants.

Deal of the Day. Pretty glass stones. This is a win!

Deal of the Day – December 2, 2016

The Deal of the Day at my Etsy jewelry supplies shop changes frequently – I aim to change it every single day but sometimes there’s a bit of delay. But still. Specials, discounts, coupons – they saves you money – that’s always fun!

You’ll find it here on my blog, or check out my Vintage Glass Jewels Facebook page – I usually talk about my Deal of the Day there, too. For today, the Secret Code Word is EMERALD (and no you don’t have to use all caps!)

Mention EMERALD with any order – and get a FREE pair of 10x8mm octagon jewels. You get to thoose the color from any in-stock items.

This will only be good for a day (till midnight tomorrow, 12/3/16). Come back to see more Deals!

Black glass pendant and earring jewels set

Make it easy on yourself. You have to make some Christmas gifts quickly, and you don’t have a lot of money? A pretty necklace and earrings will make your girls happy.

black glass pendant and vintage glass earring jewels

Add earwires to the vintage glass earring jewels. Grab a brass chain, slip a jump ring onto this pendant, slide it on the chain – and you’re set. Pretty jewelry, quick to make and easy to give.

This is a win 🙂

P.S. I have quite a few glass jewels that can be made into a cool pendant and earrings set. If there’s a color you want and don’t see? Just ask!

Peridot green glass octagon pendant

You remember when I said (okay, more than once) that simple is sometimes best? Take a look at this pretty octagon jewel, just as an example 🙂

peridot green glass octagon pendant jewel

These are vintage pendants and I only have a few – but even new ones are good, I’m not biased toward vintage (much).
This is what “I need it now” DIY jewelry is about, you know? You have a simple silver or golden chain. Find a jewel like this, attach a jump ring, and slip it on the chain. Presto: gorgeous pendant in a wonderful color. It doesn’t get much easier.

And it will look great. Seriously 🙂