Vintage blue and black sheath dress

I was on a quest for a dress, and this is not at all what I was looking for. I was trying to find an amber gold wiggle dress – something to go with the topaz glass jewels I mentioned earlier. But I saw this dress and I kept coming back to it. It’s such a GOOD dress!

vintage blue and black sheath dress

I mean, think about it. This dress looks great, just as she’s wearing it. You could go to work, meet the in-laws, go play with the girls. But! So changeable. Wear it with killer pumps, or flipflops. Add a bright red cardigan. Go with the blue-and-black and add a (fake) Armani black jacket.

Or a turtleneck and tights under, in winter. Or a gossamer shawl. And we haven’t even talked about jewelry yet!

This is the kind of clothes that once you find them, you can wear like forever. Summer or winter (that Armani jacket) – casual or dressy. You’ll wear this out, is what you’ll do.

This treasure can be found – until it’s grabbed up anyway – at Buxom Babes Vintage – I mean, even the name is great! Lindsay, the shop owner, has a great eye for detail and good pics. Go shopping, you’ll thank me!

Seriously? this should be your dress!

P.S. I almost forgot to mention. This dress is on sale (only $38.00!) because of a flaw at the back hem, which Lindsay is very up front about – and which in the pics, I cannot even see. Totally worth investigating, and fixing up, or ignoring (because no one will probably notice). But Lindsay was sure to mention it – and that to me is a sign of a good (reliable and smart) online seller!

Vintage white summer dress

I was looking around for a pink sundress. But then I saw this totally adorable white summer A-line, and my brain just went, Okay. Yes.

vintage white summer A-line dress

This is a dress you add some shoes (high heel sandals maybe, or flipflops, or if you have to wear Real shoes, some pink Mary Janes). Earrings of course (I’m biased) – bright pink or green? A stack of bangles too, because I love them. And go. You’re dressed. You could wear this anywhere, work, play, church, shopping, meet the girls, meet the boys. And you’ll look fabulous.

I found this sweet frock at Rogue Girl Vintage on Etsy. I have to tell you, they’ve got some serious chops. Great items, clear and helpful pics, and they give the relevant info that you absolutely need when you’re shopping online.

Summer dresses. It doesn’t get any easier than that. Go peek, you’ll thank me 🙂

Vintage Boho Summer Dress

You know I love vintage clothing – it’s ecologically smart, which is great – but honestly, it’s mostly that I’m selfish. I love finding things that are unique, usually well made, and just little bit more fun than the stuff you usually find in Macy’s or Kohl’s.

For example, this fun and fabulous summer dress:

vintage boho summer dress from Venelle on Etsy

You see what I mean? Look at the detailing at the neck and armhole. And that clever diagonal print! The dress looks cool and comfy (and cotton, which is great). It’s got its own style – you don’t have to DO a lot, if you know what I mean. You could dress it up – a fitted jacket, nipped in at the waist, or just a pretty cardigan). A great pair of heels. It could go to work, to your inlaws, or to dinner.

But most of all? I’d love it casual. Toss this baby on, add a big pair of hoop earrings, maybe a stack of bangles, bare sandals, and go all day. And look good.

I found this sweet dress at Venelle on Etsy. Sophie, the owner/curator, has some fab finds and a great eye. Even with international shipping (I’m in the U.S., Venelle’s in the UK) her items are really affordable. Go shopping, figure a couple or three weeks for shipping, and have fun!

Did I mention how much I love vintage? Yes!

Vintage Blue Party Dress

Now this dress is hot! And I don’t just mean that it’s a summer dress – it’s a year round Wowza dress, is what it is.

vintage blue maxi dress

Look at that detailing! The waist detail, the draping, the spaghetti straps. The sexy slit. The wow factor.

This would feel fabulous – and look fabulous – and it would be easy to wear! Add some earrings, a jazzy necklace if you want, and some great shoes. Or go barefoot. Or wear it with flipflops for casual but glam.

You NEED this party dress. It’s available (as of this writing!) from Sailor Plus Vintage on Etsy. Paige, the curator, has some great finds there (I love the hawaiian print dress!) – and she gives clear, accurate pics and detail – you know how important that is when you’re buying online.

Go shopping. You’ll love it and you’ll thank me.

I mean – Wow!

Vintage Mod Mini Dress

This minidress is so much fun! Very mod, very 60s – very red. And it totally works 🙂

vintage mod mini dress

You could wear this just as shown – casual sandals, red lipstick, and out the door. Or take tease that hair into a beehive (I’m absolutely seeing a 60s do with this). Or pair it with black tights and it’ll be warm for winter as well as cool 🙂

This is what vintage ought to be – wearable and smart but also fun and sassy. I found this fab dress at Psychedelic Pinup on Etsy. Even the name is funky and fun! Esther, the curator / owner, has clear, informative pics and you know how important that is when you’re buying online. And she’s got some terrific finds – vintage lingerie, party dresses, and even a Sale section! And her items are separated by size – so you can find things that will fit YOU.

Go check her shop – you’re going to thank me!

Vintage Bodycon Dress

This one’s just for fun: a great bodycon dress, cute, wearable, and it’s vintage too. The pic says it all:

chevron pattern vintage bodycon dress

The chevron pattern is cute – and totally chic right now. The dress is washable and stretchable and did I mention affordable? Yes. And vintage too? Oh yes, this is a dress you’ll love to wear.

It’s available from ThrifTeeFinds at Etsy. It’s a new shop and I think one we want to watch 🙂

This is a dress I’d expect to see at Forever21 – except it’s vintage, which makes it even better. Check it out!

Vintage Home Decor – Ducks!

I’ve discovered a wonderful vintage shop! Take a look at these adorable vintage brass bookends – and click through to the shop (I’ll wait).

vintage brass duck bookends

You can tell a lot about the quality of a shop just from the pics. The attention to detail (can you see the item clearly, are the pics informative as well as eye-catching). Then read the comments that previous customers have written – in this case, glowing and detailed.

Kemble Richards is run by a mother and daughter duo and you can tell they love what they do – the great finds, the great pics, the great customer service. This is the kind of shop we want to find, and covet, and visit when birthdays and holidays come around.

And: brass duck bookends. They’re fabulous *and* functional. Love!

Vintage Pink Sandals

And then of course, if you’re thinking about Spring, then with your pretty spring dress (see my post here) you’re going to need some pretty accessories. And (just this once) I’m not even talking about jewelry.

I’m talking about these darling 1960s sandals:

Vintage pink sandals from BigBangZero on Etsy

Are those not adorable? They’re available at BigBangZero Vintage Shop on Etsy and she has lots of wonderful goodies that will charm you and make you happy. Go sneak a peek, you will thank me!

Like I said – slip on your pretty spring dress, grab a shawl or jacket, slip into these wondiferous sandals, and go meet your girlfriend. Or boyfriend. Or both.

Summer. Fun. Kind of what it’s all about 🙂

P.S. And did I mention the Art Deco red glass-beaded fringe bag or the Black Italian leather granny boots she has in her shop right now? Honestly. Go peek!

Vintage for your Home

Yes, this is a wonderful vintage find for you home, rather than a sparkly pretty thing to wear. But it’s something you could see every day, and it will make you smile, and it’s vintage, so these are good things.


Vintage duck desk lamp from VintageRingo on Etsy

You see my point, yes? This little fellow has such charm that he’ll give you a bit of happiness whenever you sit down at your (thrifted or Craigslist or Thonet, for that matter) desk.

And if he should happen to be sold when you go to find (and buy) him, the shop owner Bonnie at VintageRingo on Etsy has many fun and adorable finds. Go peek, you’ll see what I mean!

P.S. Besides: VintageRingo. With such a wonderful name, how can you resist!

Vintage 1950s Apron

Just for fun – feel like a 1950s mom! I found an adorable, genuine 1950s Christmas apron complete with poinsettias – which is cute and funky and wouldn’t it be more fun to cook in this apron? I mean, if you’re going to do it, you might as well feel all Mom Cleaver, right?

1950s TV moms

1950s vintage apron with poinsettias

This darling apron is available at A Blast 2 the Past – a great vintage shop on Etsy. The shop owner, Cathy, obviously appreciates the fun image of TV moms – that’s her cool pic above!

I mean, who wouldn’t like to role-play (a little bit anyway) and be Lucille Ball, Donna Reed, or Barbara Billingsley?

And then go back to real life and take-out, maybe. But still!

P.S. And what a great gift for your mom!
P.P.S. And if this particular apron is gone when you visit her shop – believe me, she’s got some great finds there. You’ll love it!