A spring dress – vintage of course!

I’m in the mood for Spring. It’s cold here – it’s cold around half the U.S. – and it’s February – and I am wanting to hurry Spring along. That never works, but I can dream 🙂

And it’s got me searching for spring clothes – that don’t cost a fortune, that look comfy and pretty and full of color and life, and this just suits, yknow?

vintage Italian orchid dress from PomoloVintage on Etsy

Doesn’t that pic – that dress – make you want to grab a scarf, maybe a lightweight cardigan, and head outside for lunch? Warm sunshine, pretty sandals, and maybe leave work early to meet, well, somebody special.

We can dream, can’t we? And meanwhile, this pretty dress is full of flowers and color and it makes me feel good. It’s available from PomoloVintage on Etsy and Jolene, the owner, has lots of pretties for you to admire. Go peek – you’ll thank me!

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