Spring 2016 colors. Spring jewels. Yes.

And you can stop laughing any time now. Or hey, go ahead. I know I’m jumping the gun a little. But I’m looking outside at ice and snow, and it’s not going to get anywhere near as warm as FREEZING today, I’m serious. And Christmas was lovely, and New Year’s is right around the corner, and Happy New Year.

So that’s enough winter stuff, right? Here’s some sheer, Spring color jewels to get you thinking in the right direction. Just because.

spring 2016 colors in glass jewels

Aren’t they lovely? Making you think, just a tiny bit, of warm skies and soft breezes and lightweight summer dresses?

There, I’ve done my job. I don’t know if thinking about spring helps bring it closer, but hey, it can’t hurt.

Happy New Year 🙂

Christmas glass jewels :-)

Just for fun, I pulled out some of the pretty glass jewels I have right now – in Christmas colors 🙂

emerald green and ruby red glass jewels available in my Etsy shop

So if you should happen to want to make some sparkly jewelry with Christmas colors – ruby red, emerald green (and of course, you could choose crystal, or golden topaz, or pretty amethyst, or many more) – why we still have time to do that. And if you’ve already made your holiday jewelry, wasn’t it fun? and money-saving? And kind of satisfying to know that you could do that?

A pretty gift, from you to your loved one. That’s the best part of all 😉

Vintage Mod Mini Dress

This minidress is so much fun! Very mod, very 60s – very red. And it totally works 🙂

vintage mod mini dress

You could wear this just as shown – casual sandals, red lipstick, and out the door. Or take tease that hair into a beehive (I’m absolutely seeing a 60s do with this). Or pair it with black tights and it’ll be warm for winter as well as cool 🙂

This is what vintage ought to be – wearable and smart but also fun and sassy. I found this fab dress at Psychedelic Pinup on Etsy. Even the name is funky and fun! Esther, the curator / owner, has clear, informative pics and you know how important that is when you’re buying online. And she’s got some terrific finds – vintage lingerie, party dresses, and even a Sale section! And her items are separated by size – so you can find things that will fit YOU.

Go check her shop – you’re going to thank me!

Blackened Brass Heart Charms, Part Two

I just wanted to show you a few examples of what you can do with these sweet little blackened brass heart charms that I mentioned a few days ago. Showing is always better than telling, don’t you think?

different ways to use blackened brass heart charms

And I use these examples only to say hey, there are lots of things you can use to turn these little hearts into something really special. Look around your craft room. Try those few leftover beads you had. Wire them to hang with the hearts, or add a cluster to a necklace focal.

I have the hearts in golden raw brass, too – I think they were originally intended as stamping blanks. They’re fairly thin so it’s best to stamp on a very smooth hard surface like a jewelry anvil – but it works terrifically when you do that. So: add pearls or charms. Or stamp your own message.

Or just use the hearts “as is”. They’re fun, they’re inexpensive, they’re a little boho. What’s not to love?

Blackened Brass Heart Charms

I recently found some smallish, adorable brass heart charms, both golden raw brass ones and deeply blackened hearts. I think the possibilities with these are endless!

blackened brass heart charms

Well, okay, maybe not endless. But varied, and interesting. I was thinking how cool these would look, paired with a vivid glass charm in red, or maybe a hand-wired white pearl dangle. I’m going to try a few ideas and will post them here later.

Heart charms are always in style, you know? They’re feminine and seasonless – and for easy, fun earrings? A win 🙂