Happy new year – let’s have a good one!

I hope your New Year’s is starting out well! We had a lovely time last night (stayed home with friends instead of fighting drunken traffic) – and I’m tucked in away from the cold.

Am feeling a bit of my Irish today – I think this pretty emerald green pendant just put me in that sort of mood. Plus I’m part Irish. Well, maybe 10% – how do we figure accurate ancestry? My father’s grandfather was from the old country. He may have been encouraged to leave rapidly or something, we had a bunch of unsavory characters scattered in there 😉

But the pendant? is just a beauty!

emerald sheer glass pendant jewel in a golden brass setting

I’m keeping one for myself, on a simple golden chain, a little longer than usual (about 26″). Talk about a gorgeous St. Paddy’s necklace! oh, I don’t know if it’s appropriate. I do know it’s flattering and looks great!

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