Discount Code for 10% Off

I just activated a new coupon code for use anytime in my Etsy shop. The only catch? Your order has to total more than $50 of jewelry supplies. I don’t think you’ll have a problem finding really beautiful, useful gems, findings, and assorted other beads and goodies in my shop – they really are a good value.

It’s just that easy. I primarily created it to give a little perk to my Instagram peeps, but it’s good for anybody who wants to use it. When you order, use the coupon code INSTA10, and you’ll get 10% off any order over $50.00. You’ll find some great deals – and now you can get 10% off. Have fun shopping!

DIY Necklace Design – with Removable Pendant

I’ve used this necklace design in the past – but I don’t think I ever described what I think is a very important design element. The pendant is removeable!

imagine using other colors or shapes, just for example…

So. With this particular pendant, you have a red-and-silver necklace, featuring an oval pendant on multiple layers of chain. But you could also remove the pendant, and have a silver multi-chain necklace that’ll go with half the outfits in your closet.

The extra cool idea is that you could buy – or create – other pendants to slip on the chain. Presto – multiple necklaces!

Now that’s a win 😉

Aqua Glass Gem Earrings

Just one more post about aqua glass gems – I thought I would show how these aqua octagon gems available in my shop
look when worn as earrings 🙂

aqua earrings made with faceted 18mm x 13mm octagon glass gems

The mannequin used in these pics is close to life size – so you can get an idea of scale. And I think this pic illustrates wonderfully, how great the glass gems are when used “as is”. You don’t need to do a lot of fussy work.

This doesn’t have to be a time-consuming stressful operation. Choose your glass gems, add earwires, and Presto! Gorgeous earrings.

Aqua Glass Gems – on Sale

I thought I would show here, a few of the aqua glass gems available in my shop. Why now? Because the birthstone color for March is aquamarine. And aqua is beautiful all year round, of course 🙂

aquamarine and aqua glass gems available in my online jewelry supplies Etsy shop

And – they’re on sale 🙂

From now through midnight on Monday, February 7, 2022, when you buy any aqua glass stones (jewels, beads or gems) in my shop, you can get a second pair free. Or a second pendant. You name it – you buy one, you get one free. You have to ask though – just send me a note when you order, remind me of the sale I’m mentioning here, and I’ll send your freebies!

Aqua birthstone color. Faceted jewels on sale. This is a win!

DIY Earrings Design Idea – Bright Colors for 2022

I put these earrings together using components I had on my worktable – and I’m really loving them! The shapes are similar – but that third glass jewel takes it to another level with a slightly larger size. And the colors are kind of what this is all about 😉

do it yourself earrings design idea featuring bright glass octagon jewels in vivid red, emerald green and sapphire blue

Of course this picture just illustrates an idea. Find the colors you like best, or personalize them using colors your customer requests – either way, you’ll make the design your own!

Spring 2021 Sheer Glass Gems for DIY Jewelry

And it just feels good to be looking forward to Spring, you know? Pretty colors, lightweight dresses, and eventually we can all get together again. At least we’re going in the right direction!

sheer glass gems in spring 2021 colors

And right now you can get a BOGO sale! Buy one get one free – a pendant, or a pair of pretty jewels…. when you purchase a pair of sheer glass gems, or a pendant, you can ask for a second free! Just mention this blog post when you purchase. And the offer’s only good through Friday, April 9, 2021 – so don’t wait till long. Once they’re gone, they’re gone (well until I can restock at least!)

Sheer glass gems. Add a necklace chain, or a pair of comfy earwires – and your jewelry’s ready to wear. Easy. Beautiful. And on sale!

Clearance sale items – DIY jewelry supplies

I wanted to show off a few more of the items currently offered in my “Clearance Sale” section”. These are really lovely glass gems, and I have a fair number left. When they’re gone they’re gone, but right now the pickings are good!

items available in my Clearance Sale section

The amethyst octagons are my favorites – but that could change next week. Anyway it’s not the ones I like the best that matters; it’s the ones YOU like best. DIY jewelry supplies – on clearance sale – what’s not to love!

Clear glass beads and jewels – on sale!

Really I just wanted to point out how pretty clear glass jewels can be! They’re not bright and vivid, but they have their own charm – and a lovely delicate sparkle, all depending on the settings we use, and the faceting of the glass. Take a look 🙂

You see what I mean? These are pretty wonderful. Minimalist jewels, lovely for bridal and wedding jewelry without stealing the show – and of course for everyday, they go with everything.

And for the next few days – from January 26, 2019 through midnight January 30, 2019 – when you buy any two pairs of clear glass jewels, you get your third pair free (yes, equal or lesser value – you know the drill!) Order any two clear pairs (or pendants) – and then send me a note to tell me the ones you want for free. Don’t wait too long, this is limited to the next few days, and available stock.

Hey, buy two, get one free – that’s a pretty great deal!

Amethyst glass jewel set – DIY jewelry

I love this amethyst glass jewel set. It’s a pretty color (amethyst purple, the color of love, but you knew that). It’s feminine and classy and delicate without being so dainty it disappears. And it’s easy to use!

amethyst glass necklace and earring jewels set in my Etsy jewelry supplies store

Add a jump ring and chain and your necklace is ready. Add earwires and you’re good to go. If, just as an example, you needed a jewelry set for your Mom? You order this, I send it out next day, you get it in 3 days (okay, knock wood) and you add the findings. Voila: a great gift for Mom.

But also for you, of course. And did I mention it’s an affordable glass jewel set? Yes. Easy, pretty, affordable.

This is a good trend 🙂