Happy Halloween!

Really that’s all. That’s what I’m thinking about today. Life is a challenge for all of us these days (I suppose it always is, but it really feels like more right now, yknow?) So we need to enjoy the everyday things. Or the everyday Special things: like Halloween. We’ve got candy ready for the kids, we’ve got glow-in-the-dark bracelets, and a big ghost (and witch) out front. So – everybody – have a wonderful, safe, fun, yummy Halloween!

Oh sure, I have to post some pretty glass jewels. And these are orange and black, so they’re in the Halloween mood, right?

DIY earring design featuring orange vintage glass teardrops paired with black rivoli glass jewels

It’s a little late to purchase these jewels for Halloween… but you can always combine new colors – that’s always fun. Orange and green? Black and red? Red and green? (Think about Christmas – I know you are, already!)

Meanwhile – fun is what this whole day should be about. Enjoy!

Black and orange jewels – Happy Halloween!

I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of this – a customer asked me to put together this combination of glass jewels and I think they are so cool!

black and orange glass jewels

It’s a little late to order them for Halloween this year – but hey, they’d be fun anytime. But I’ll def. remember this for next year – orange and black, black and orange, because Halloween is maybe the most fun holiday all year!

Happy Halloween to you guys 🙂

Red and green glass jewels

I’ve been playing with color combos again – you know I like to do that. And these just struck me as really fun.

red and green glass cabochon jewels

Of course we think of Christmas when we put red and green together, but that’s way more limited than it needs to be. Imagine these jewels, used together to make a pendant or pair of earrings, worn with a white sundress with a red and green cherry design (I saw one recently and now I can’t find it – when I locate the pic I’ll post it!)

Or a bright red and white tank top and a bright emerald green short skirt. Flipflop sandals, a bangle bracelet, and these fun earrings. With a summer tan.

Very fun!

P.S. And okay, yes, they’d be great at Christmas 🙂

Christmas glass jewels :-)

Just for fun, I pulled out some of the pretty glass jewels I have right now – in Christmas colors 🙂

emerald green and ruby red glass jewels available in my Etsy shop

So if you should happen to want to make some sparkly jewelry with Christmas colors – ruby red, emerald green (and of course, you could choose crystal, or golden topaz, or pretty amethyst, or many more) – why we still have time to do that. And if you’ve already made your holiday jewelry, wasn’t it fun? and money-saving? And kind of satisfying to know that you could do that?

A pretty gift, from you to your loved one. That’s the best part of all 😉

Christmas ornament – a sloth wearing reindeer antlers

I kid you not. This is the most wonderful Christmas ornament EVER.

sloth christmas ornament wearing reindeer antlers...from Curious Burrow

You do see what I mean. This little guy (or girl) is adorable, interesting, unusual, and fun. Are these not qualities you want your Christmas to have? And besides, talk about a conversation piece.

You noticed his/her sleigh hitch with bells, right?

(S)he is available from Curious Burrow on Etsy, and if you think this sloth is fascinating you will probably also want to check out the uni-hippo jewelry holder, or the Lobster Love necklace. Seriously.

These delightful creatures are all made to order, and it may be too late for this year’s Christmas (or not, it can’t hurt to ask!) You may need to make your own Sloth holiday to start the new year 🙂

Merry Christmas :-)

And a Happy New Year to you guys 🙂

Merry Christmas from our house to yours

Have a wonderful, warm, safe, fun and silly holiday!

A charming DIY – decorate a Mug

It’s a cute, fun, and darling DIY idea. And did I mention easy? Find a white (or solid color) mug and add a heart. Show your love 🙂

DIY do it yourself mug with heart

It’s not a new idea, but when I saw this mug, I had to re-mention it! I first wrote about the idea of drawing on a plate or dish over at my Paper Jewels blog. Check there for more details – but basically, you use a Sharpie, you write or draw on your mug, and you bake it in a slow oven for a few hours. Presto – the image is now permanent.

The reason this mug inspired me (again)? It’s so simple – and heartfelt, no pun intended. You don’t have to be a great artist. You don’t have to be Careful, planning out a full recipe or poem to fit around the border. You just draw something you feel. A red heart. A funny lopsided unicorn. A bunch of stars. Anything that makes you – or your sweetie or your mom – smile.

Then cook the mug. Then give the gift. This is DIY with love!

P.S. I don’t remember where I found this image! I know, I’ve been bad about that. If you know the source, please tell me so I can give proper credit!

P.P.S. And if you just realized you didn’t get a Christmas gift for (fill in the blank) – grab a plain mug out of your cupboard – and draw a Christmas tree on it. You don’t have to go to the mall – you don’t have to spend money that yo’re out of – and you made it with love (or at least guilt). This rocks!

Vintage Christmas Part Two – Last Minute!

Yes, this is a last-minute idea, when you’re ordering something online. Well, practically last-minute (I’m not all that fond of waiting till Dec. 23, it’s too hard on the nerves). But I am a little obsessed with finding useful, functional, and of course vintage Christmas gifts for that special person.

Vintage Blue Pyrex Mixing Bowl
Like this vintage Blue Pyrex bowl 🙂

It’s a wonderful color – think how pretty sitting on your table, just because. Fill it with little candies – or use it for actual mixing – or in the microwave, or on your coffee table filled with pine cones, or, well, you get the idea. Gently loved – rescued from somebody’s basement or a forgotten thrift shop – and brought to life in your house.

It’s available from Swans Neck Vintage on Etsy and you are totally going to thank me for finding this shop for you. She has more pyrex – yellow! and a wonderful vintage kitchen scale – and more. Go peek – and buy – you’ve still got time!

Vintage Christmas Ornaments

These vintage figurine ornaments (they’re actually bells) just spoke to me. They said, “we are adorable”, and “Christmas should have little loved pieces hidden shyly around your home”, and “wouldn’t you be enchanted to see me on your mantel?”

Vintage Snowman Figurines

That’s part of what Christmas is, to me. A touch of the past – a touch of hominess – a bit of imperfection. Place them on your tree, or on your mantel if you have one, or on your kitchen table.

They’re available from Vintage PDX, on Etsy. It’s a vintage shop with many charming Christmas goodies – the little chimney sweep ornament and Santa and Mrs. Claus caught my eye. I think you might find your special little Christmas ornament there, too.

Add these little bells to your Christmas 🙂