Vintage curvy mini dress – love!

I’ve found a new (to me) vintage shop, Roselein Rarities – and it is the most fun, stylish boutique you’re going to find. I mean it. For example, is this not an adorable dress? Yes 😉

vintage 1960s mini dress

You can tell a lot about the shop just looking at this pic. The staging is wonderful – those gloves, the flowers, the model! Click through to see the other views. Kyana, the shop owner, gives you all the information you need to make an informed purchase – and she does it with fabulous, clear, detailed photos.

So already I really like this shop – and then, I find fabulous treasures like the dress here. And a coat I would HAVE to buy if it was my size. And a swimsuit to lust for! And, well, there are lot of treasures you will want to uncover.

The shop slogan is “vintage apparel with heart” and it shows. Kyana has created a store filled with treasures that you absolutely need to find!

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