Vintage pink wiggle dress

Seriously, I have found the most enchanting dress. I know I’ve said this before, but LOOK. It’s just. Exactly what a dress should be.

vintage pink wiggle dress

I found it at Voyeur Vintage on Etsy and as you can imagine, the owner Tania has some wonderful and delectable finds. Well, you knew that, as soon as you saw her fabulous photo: not only is this the best dress you will have seen in years, but the staging and the accessories are beyond wonderful.

This dress, this oh-this-little-thing-that-I-just-happened-to-put-on is totally going to, well, it could transform your closet. Or your date. Or your life. Or none of the above, but, you know, just be fun and fabulous and make you feel like a queen. Isn’t that what a dress is supposed to do?

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