Earring Design Idea with Amethyst and Filigree

This jewelry design idea features golden brass filigree flower connectors, and amethyst (amethyst glass, I mean) pear shape jewels. It’s a feminine, gorgeous combination – and these are easy to make. The deep purple amethyst stones are 14mm x 10mm, not too large for comfy earrings but absolutely big enough to make a DIY pendant as well.

And I have to say, “easy to make” and “gorgeous” pretty much sums up my favorite jewelry designs. It doesn’t have to be hard to make pretty jewelry! Yes, intricate designs can be beautiful but you know, sometimes there just isn’t time.

Of course you can use this idea to generate your own special design. Use your favorite colors and your favorite connectors. You’ll love the combo!

Bright Glass Jewels for DIY Jewelry

I just wanted to show off a few of the vivid, bright glass jewels I’ve got in my jewelry supplies shop right now. Vivid sapphire blue, golden topaz, emerald green, and ruby red – these are the classic primary colors that are so hot right now!

These are new glass gems, vintage style (classic faceted cuts) but not vintage. The bright colors are great year round – and have enough presence to use “as is” for earrings and pendants, with no need to add fussy details. They’re great for earrings, pendants, and of course glass connectors since each is available in two-ring connector styles as well as classic one-loop prong settings.

Of course if you want to fuss, that’s good too! Add the details to make your DIY jewelry special and individual and your design. You’ll love it!

Sparkling Glass Pear Jewels for Earrings and Pendants

All the pear or teardrop shaped glass jewels in this pic are 14mm x 10mm, or approximately 5/8″ x 3/8″. It’s a wonderful size for earrings, or medium size pendants, and of course they can be used for glass connectors too.

The peridot green 14x10mm pears are new in my shop! The emerald green are vintage (the emerald green), and the sheer peach and deep amethyst purple are new, and I was able to resupply (yay!) Of course I have more colors available, couldn’t get them all in this pic.

Click on the pic and find the other colors I have available right now – if and if you’re looking for one you can’t find, just send me a note – I might be able to find some for you. Happy shopping!

Amethyst Glass Jewel Earrings

I love earrings that combine gems, glass jewels, or other sparkling beads, with chain. The chain adds movement and even more sparkle, without adding a lot of weight. And it’s pretty!

The earring design shown in this pic is super simple. Slip a glass jewel onto your earwire. Then place several lengths of chain onto an open jump ring. Put on the jump ring onto the bottom loop of the jewel setting, close the jump ring, and you’re all set!

Of course this design is totally customizeable – use jewels you have (or purchase some from my shop!) Use your favorite colors, and any chain you have – it doesn’t even have to match. For that matter you could use different color jewels in each earring. I love designs like that – I think a lot of people do. Make the design yours!

White and White Opal Vintage Glass Stones

The white and white opal glass stones shown here are some of the favorites in my shop – and I’ve been able to resupply recently! Given that these glass gems are true vintage (not just “vintage style”), that can be tricky!

I was going to say that, especially with summer almost here, white stones and gems are particularly appropriate. But really that’s not relevant. White glass gems are always beautiful and useful, year-round. Think of combining them with black for strong neutrals – or with any pretty pastels. With do it yourself jewelry supplies, you are the true designer – and you choose what elements you love most!

But having said all that – white glass gems are great in summer jewelry!

Black and White Glass Stones

I wanted to share a new pic of some of the black and white glass stones I have available in my shop right now. Neutrals are always in style, and I do mean year-round!

You’ll notice none of these are large, pendant-style stones. Though of course any could be used as pendants. But even small or modest-size glass gems can have real style and work “as is”. And of course if you want to combine them…. they look great and they’re not heavy.

Play with your own ideas – that’s what DIY jewelry is all about!

Peridot Green Glass Stones

These peridot green glass gems are new in my shop – I’ve had peridot glass pears in 18x13mm size, but now I have more petite 14x10s as shown in the pic. These are wonderful “as is” for earrings and small(ish) pendants – but are also fabulous when paired with 10x8mm peridot green glass octagons.

Made into earrings, these gems have great sparkle and presence (love that color!) but they’re not heavy. And of course, peridot is the August gemstone color… great for making DIY jewelry gifts, and for customers. Just saying!

New Necklace Design Idea

The 18mm x 13mm (approx. 3/4″ x 1/2″) faceted glass octagon pendant featured in this necklace design idea is the color known as “light colorado topaz”. It’s a golden tan, fairly neutral, and super flattering. I’ve paired it with silver chain and small handwired beads in a complementary colors.

The small irregular beads I used here are genuine turquoise, but honestly any vivid beads would work here – the rich color is a striking complement to the golden tan pendant. But of course, you could use any colors with this design.

That’s what’s so fun about do it yourself jewelry. Take a look at the beads and stones on your worktable – I bet you could make some terrific combinations, interpreting this design in your own unique way. Make gifts for your friends – and for yourself!

Vivid Glass Jewels – a jewelry design idea for you to adapt!

I wanted to show off these vivid glass jewels in bright colors – ruby red and sapphire blue. As shown here, these are examples of how you can combine strong primary colors – and it works.

This earring design idea could use other colors and shapes, of course. I think the balance of small, sapphire rounds (these are vintage) and larger faceted ruby red ovals is a combination that works. Try your own ideas, grab colors and shapes from your workroom or (of course) see what other jewels I have available!

Do it yourself jewelry is just a great, useful idea. You don’t have to spend a lot of money – and you can create whatever you want. That’s the way it’s supposed to be!

DIY jewelry design with a brass flower and aqua glass pendant!

Yes, this is a traditional jewelry design, a pendant linked on a chain. Simple and gorgeous. The details here? The brass flower component is linked to a sheer aqua, faceted glass pear or teardrop shaped rhinestone pendant.

The design is classic – and the pieces are affordable. Of course you can choose other elements, or do what I did – look at the pretty components scattered on your worktable, and try a few new combinations! The most important idea here is that you can create lovely jewelry without a lot of fuss, or having to spend a lot of money. Use your favorite colors – or the ones your customer chooses. Add a few of your own special elements. You’ll love it!