Remembering Pearl Harbor

December 7, 1941, “A day that will life in infamy”. There are many dark days in U.S. history – this is a day that we will remember for the sacrifice of American lives, and the determination we displayed as a nation after this terrible attack.

I am saluting all the vets of World War II today – those we lost at Pearl Harbor, and those who went on to fight and win. Thank you for your service. Thank you for caring and for giving. Thank you for being such good guys (and women).

It sounds simple but I don’t want to grandstand. We may argue with the brass (and we should) – but our troops in every service are the finest in the world. They deserve and should receive all the appreciation and thanks we can give them.

Mother and Daughter dresses – a great Mother’s Day gift!

You know Mother’s Day is coming up – and I just lucked into finding these totally adorable, matching mother’s and daughter’s dresses at NaforA on Etsy.

mother and daughter matching dresses from NaforA on Etsy

The thing is, they are not only cute, and handmade, but they are versatile and actually wearable. They can be summer dresses “as is”. They can be winter tunics, with leggings and maybe long-sleeve tees underneath. The mom’s dress is not tight – you can use it as a maternity dress! Or a great-looking “I’m not feeling skinny today” dress. And be cute at the same time!

The shop owners, Halyna and Natalia, are a mother/daughter team themselves. They’re doing a bit of an update on their shop – and I think we’re going to love what they come up with. Go see for yourself!

And remember your mom this Mother’s Day. Really. It’s important 🙂

#Paris is about Life

I can’t do a “regular” post today. I am heartsick over the violence in Paris, all those innocent people killed by monsters. I’ll return to my ordinary, everyday posts soon. But today, I have to share a beautiful tweet I saw.

The hashtag is #Parisisaboutlife. I retweeted it here.

hashtag paris is about life.... beautiful cartoon

In case it’s hard to read, the simple cartoon says, “Friends from the whole world, thank you for #Pray for Paris, but we don’t need more religion! Our faith goes to music! Kisses! Life! Champagne and Joy! #Paris is about life”.

Paris is about life.

We don’t need more religion. We need more compassion, more love, more jobs, more education, more respect for each other and all life.

If you’re so inclined, go share your thoughts on Twitter. Tell Parisians we care, even if we don’t know how to fix it.

Royal blue…and the Kansas City Royals

Just thought I’d highlight some Royal Blue glass jewels. Not that they made me think of the Kansas City Royals, the day after that exciting ALDS win – with that 8th inning home run that is just what baseball excitement is all about! Yeah, I’m not thinking about that.

sapphire blue...royal heart jewels

Well – not much. I don’t usually make a big deal out of organized sports, it’s not my thing. But these guys are right in my back yard, and they’ve been so terrific – and they’re a bunch of pretty good guys, I hear. So, yay Royals!

And the glass heart (pendant or earring) jewels are pretty cool too 🙂

The beauty of contrasts – DIY jewelry design

Just another example of how contrasts make all your elements look better:

black filigree ornament and clear crystal glass jewel

You see what I mean? Whether this filigree-style “ornament” or another, the drama of using black with clear jewels adds a little extra something. These clear glass ovals are nicely faceted – the light and sparkle add just enough pizzazz to this combo to make it extra fun for a necklace focal. These were on my worktable – if I was going to make a necklace, I’d use gunmetal chain – or silver – or copper.

Contrasts. Play with stuff. Don’t match all your elements – on purpose. It works!

Summer storms in Kansas City

We have been very lucky, here in KC. There’ve been some humongous storms this year – none of which have reached our neighborhood. Well this week we had one finally come through. Just a few days’ worth of interruption to “normal life” (you can define that however you want to, I figure as long as there’s food on the table and running water, everything else is gravy).

So anyway – I am playing catchup. Last Thursday (okay, very early Friday, about 2:00 am) we had part of a tree fall on our house.

part of a tree that fell on our roof

And it didn’t make a hole in the roof – talk about blessed! As it fell it came through other branches, so it was gentle. Just cumbersome and big and I do have to say, it was much bigger in real life than in the pic here.

Well, it seemed like it. We got it removed (a huge front-yard-filling pile of tree trunks, lumber, and branches as they were hauled away) and the only other problem was two days without power, which I’m not fond of. And three days without internet, which ditto.

But some people are still without power, 5 days later. And had major roof and/or house damage. We were SO lucky.

Counting my blessings!

Vintage black and white halter dress

I was going to title this post “Vintage Black and White Summer Dress” and then I thought about it. Yes, this is a great dress for summer. But actually? Add a black jacket or cardigan and you could wear this gorgeous dress year round.

vintage black and white halter dress

Take a look at the other pics in the listing – you can see the detailing, and it’s pretty cool. It’s probably fairly adjustable, would be forgiving of a little weight gain or loss, and it’s a super flattering line. And come on: sexy halter, shoulders, flirty skirt, and black and white…. this is a foxy dress!

I found it at Sammy’s Chifforobe on Etsy, and Sammy, the owner/curator, has got a great eye. She gives you good pics, lots of detail, and the prices? In a word – amazing.

Go shopping! You’ll love the store, you’ll find great deals, and to top it all off, Sammy’s using her savvy and sense of style to help pay for grad school. We need more women in grad school, getting educated, getting out in the biz world! This is what we call a “win/win”!

Dogtag necklace, a gift for Dad

This is just a small diversion from my vintage and glass jewels – I wanted to mention that dogtag necklaces are a great gift for dad. Dogtag necklaces that have the Japanese kanji that says, for example, Ronin, or Honor, or Bushido. Like this one:

dogtag necklace that says Bushido in Japanese kanji... a great gift for Dad

That’s one of the most popular of my kanji dogtag necklace series. Which possibly says something about the guys in our lives: they appreciate Bushido, the way of the warrior. And, you know, we appreciate them: sometimes they like to know that 🙂

Just wanted to mention it. Now back to my regularly scheduled girly jewelry.

To the men and women of the Armed Forces – Thank you!

For all the fancy words, for all the debts and gratitude, it boils down to this: my heartfelt thank you to every man and woman who serves their country. In peace and war, with the gift of their time and sometimes their lives – you are appreciated, every day.

american flag celebrating Memorial Day

Thank you for your service, your dedication, and your sacrifice.

Vintage kimono – a gift for Mom

You know, if you’re trying to find something fabulous (and also affordable, and unique, and hey even vintage!) as a gift for your Mom – you are SO in luck. This lovely kimono would be a great robe, jacket, dress, or toss-over-jeans-cardigan-fabulousness for her.

Because moms like to look good too.

vintage pink kimono .... a gift for mom

So the big question is… a gift for Mom, or for you? This is not an easy one.

But is this not lovely? I would wear it as a dress. Or over jeans. Or, hey, even as a robe except then I would get paint and dirt and dust and dog hair all over it, and I might want to save it for a little more specialness than that.

But why not for Mom? She deserves something a little more fun than, what, an apron? You weren’t going to get her an apron, were you? Or a vase of flowers from the grocery store because you forgot to get something?

No. Show her how special you think she is (and hey, the bonus is, she’llknow how special you are.) This wonderful garment would be a fabulous gift. No worries about “will it fit”. And it’s silk, which is always classy (and what many people don’t know is that it is super washable, too.) And the colors? Beautiful.

I found it at Shudder Emporium, a vintage boutique on Etsy with clothing and accessories and Oddities.

You are going to have so much fun over there. Go peek. And if the kimono is gone when you get there, let her know that if she should happen to find more, well, that would be good too. But seriously: such great items, and great prices too? This is a Find!